Australian Twins Plus Festival 2006
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Twins Plus Festival 2006


11th March 2006

Hosted by AMBA and ATR, the festival was held on the last weekend of Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2006.

More than 1500 people gathered for the first ever Australian Twins Plus festival which was held in Thoroughbred Park in Canberra. The festival, which included a Guinness World Record attempt, was a huge success with twins, multiples and their families coming from all over the country as well as from overseas. One pair of twins even came all the way from the UK accompanied by a documentary film crew. Guinness World Record

Big group photo

Multiples and their families all gathered together for a big group photo as part of the Guinness World Record attempt held during the festival.

Mandy and Edith Bossman

25 year old English twins Mandy and Edith Bossman who came all the way from London, England to attend the festival.

Small group of twins

From left - Karen Phillix, Sara Briton, Lake and Flame, Carly Briton, and Kathy Tisdale.

Lake, Flame and Phoenix on stage
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Lake giving a speech about Twins Realm, accompanied by Flame and her son Phoenix.

Young twin girls

Some cute young twin girls posing for a photo with the Logan Twins (not pictured).

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A pair of adult twins

A pair of adult twins talking with Flame about Twins Realm.

boys in twin stroller

Young twin boys sharing a twin stroller.

A highlight for many was the participation of the Logan Twins (Greg and David) from Australian Big Brother 2005 who graciously agreed to be patrons of the Twins Plus festival.

Lake and Flame with the Logan Twins!

Lake and Flame with the Logan twins

Taken during the official festival launch event on Friday 10th March. From left - Greg, Lake, Flame (holding Phoenix) and David.

Group photo of twins

Greg and David did 'meet and greets' throughout the festival day and talked with many twins as well as posing for photos.

Elvis sighted at twins festival in Canberra ...........

Jacqui Martin and Elvis

Festival organiser Jacqui Martin being serenaded by Elvis at the official festival launch event (you can find Garry Buckley/Elvis at

Elvis group photo

Elvis (Garry Buckley) entertained the crowd at the official festival launch event on Friday 10th as well as performing two shows at the festival itself. (Garry's twin brother also attended both events).

Milo the Clown

There were lots of fun events for younger twins and families with Milo the clown performing two stage shows during the day. Lots of free rides were also provided for kids including a jumping castle and stick up wall.

Also available (for a fee) were pony rides, reverse bungy jumping, DNA testing and helicopter rides.

Tricky Nick performing for kids

Tricky Nick entertained lots of younger twins and multiples around the indoor stage during his two performances at the festival.

Plenty of entertainment was provided during the day including live music by local band Pelican Head. Various exhibitors manned information and research stalls and some exhibitors even had multiples merchandise for sale.

Another personal highlight for us was the video greeting sent by longtime Twins Realm club members, Lisa and Jess of The Veronicas.

Lisa and Jess couldn't be at the Twins Plus festival themselves as they're currently touring in the USA.

They'll be back in Australia for their sellout Australian tour in April as well as performing live at the MTV Australia Video Music Awards in Sydney (April 12th). The Veronicas have even been nominated in three AVMA categories themselves.
Lisa and Jess

Lisa and Jess
of The Veronicas
Video message from twins,
Lisa and Jess of the Veronicas.
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Congratulations to Lisa and Jess who just won two MTV Australian Video Music Awards!

The Veronicas - 4ever

Video of the Year
Spankin' New Aussie Artist

Congratulations to AMBA and everyone else involved in organising the first ever Australian Twins Plus festival - what a fantastic result. AMBA hope to hold the Twins Plus festival in a different Australian city every two years.
If you're interested in sponsoring or providing any type of support or help with future festival events, please email us your details to let us know.
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